P.4001 “Fisherman’s Wife” Dane (Riccardo) Chanase

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"Fisherman's Wife" Painting by Dane Chanase

Painting on plywood support, mixed media; paint, cork, wood, netting, rope, signed l.l on front and on verso, with title, composition and support details, completed circa 1940-1950.

SKU: P.4001
PRICE: $3450
DIMENSIONS: H: 31" x W: 21" x D: 1.75"

Dane ( Riccardo) Chanase
Italian-American b. 1896-d. 1975

Known as Riccardo Dane Chanase, or just Dane Chanase, he was born in Palermo, Italy.  According to various sources, he was born either October 21, 1896, 1895, or 1894. Chanase was a US veteran of WWI and registered as a WPA NYC Art War Serviceman.
He studied with George Bridgman, Paul Baudouin and Maurice Denis and his work is in the collections of the Los Angeles Museum of Art; Bezalel National Museum; Brooklyn Museum; Library of Congress; New York Public Library.
Chanase exhibited in Paris, France in 1931 (solo); International Aero. Art Exhibition, 1937 (prize); Architectural League; National Society of Mural Painters; Brooklyn Museum; Brooklyn Society of Artists; Society of American Graphic Artists; Whitney Museum of American Art; American Veterans Society of Artists; Art USA, 1958; Society of Independent Artists.
He received a medal from the French Government in 1930.In his last years he lived in a modest house in Seagate Coney Island, Brooklyn N.Y which overlooked the Atlantic Ocean and the Varazano Narrows; the beach was his backyard.  Chanase died July 15, 1975 in Brooklyn, NY.  He was married to Sheva Ausubel (1896-1957) an accomplished artist in her own right and an active artist member of the W.P.A. art program.Sources include:
Who’s Who in American Art 1959; 1947Additional information provided by John C. Caputi

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