P.20_011 Elisabeth Estivalet “Amitses”

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View of Provence, Elisabeth Estivalet

A panoramic view of the hills of Provence, signed lower right “Estivalet” and on the back of the stretcher “Amitses Elisabeth Estivalet 16.11.2000” canvas also bears the artists studio stamp including name and date. Oil on canvas, framed.

SKU: P.20_011
PRICE: $1450
DIMENSIONS: H: 28 x W: 35", framed" H: 36 x W: 44"

Elisabeth Estivalet (1952-)
A native of Poland, and currently residing in France, Estivalet fell in love with the region of Provence when she settled there in the late 1970’s. Though she holds degrees in both Economics and Philosophy, the countryside of Provence elicited from her a natural artistic talent, and she instinctively embarked on a passionate and lifelong career as an artist. Painting solely with a palette knife, Estivalet taught herself to master the techniques of color management, perspective and composition. What resulted are candid renditions of a tranquil and serene Provence.
Estivalet’s sunny landscapes bring to mind the works of the old Post-Impressionist masters. Her subject matter and artistic style are reminiscent of the masterful works of Paul Cézanne. Her thick palette and vibrant colors are evocative of Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gaughin in Arles. Yet, in spite of the many similarities and comparisons, Estivalet stands alone as a painter. Her exceptional interpretations of Provence are unrivaled. Her refreshing works elicit feelings of contentment and tranquility, and invite one to explore a pristine and undiscovered French countryside.
In the late 1980’s, Elisabeth and her husband, Michel, opened a gallery of their own near their home in Provence as a vehicle to sell her works. As a result of the gallery’s success and Michel’s encouragement, Estivalet gained the confidence to enter her artwork in various international juried art competitions throughout France. Her unparelled evocations of the French countryside won her numerous gold medals and first prize awards. The international acclaim and exposure she gained from these art competitions led her to Artexpo Las Vegas in 1996, where she officially debuted her work in the U.S. Here, in Las Vegas, Estivalet’s stunning landscapes caught the eye of a prestigious New York art publisher, who offered to represent her in the U.S. This relationship resulted in the publication of 9 limited edition serigraphs of her work and countless sold-out solo exhibitions from east coast to west coast. In early 2000, unable to keep up with the public demand for her works, Estivalet closed her gallery in Provence, and decided to concentrate solely on her American market.
Throughout the years, Estivalet has gained a celebrity following. Her work has been featured in several Hollywood motion pictures. Most recently her work appears in the psycho-thriller motion picture, “The Strangers,” starring Liv Tyler. Her work will next be featured in another major motion picture, “Company Men,” which stars Ben Affleck and will be released in 2010. Her work is also the subject of an art education class, which explores her artistic style alongside the styles of Georgia O’Keefe, Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock, and Paul Cézanne.



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